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Gift Voucher

When you're not sure what to get for that special person. A voucher makes it easy for you and great for the receiver!

Creative Life

Artist Brush Roll


A compact, robust and stylish canvas roll. Excellent for protecting your quality brushes.

Creative Life

Knife Roll


A six knife canvas roll. Protect your knives with style and function. A simple, hardwearing design.

Creative Life

Chef Knife Roll


A ten knife canvas roll, robust, tough and elegant. The perfect way to carry and protect your expensive knives.


A strong, classy canvas apron. Perfect for wearing when your craft gets messy!


A high quality, rugged and functional canvas apron with crossover shoulder straps. It has several pockets, reinforcing where it counts and is designed for the workshop and other tough environments.

$30.50 - $114.50

A tool and pouch system for gardening. Carry all your essential items in style, made from sturdy, UV resistant canvas.

Creative Life

Artist Roll


A large, beautifully lined roll for pens, pencils or brushes. Canvas outer, functional, stylish and sturdy, an absolutely stunning way to carry your art tools!

Creative Life

Inspirator Pen Roll


A sleek and very functional canvas roll. Ideal for carrying your valuable pens and pencils, with a soft protective flap.