We use Australia Post – Parcel Post satchels for all shipments as we find this to be the best balance of reliability, speed and cost. Tracking info is provided with each shipment.

Satchel Rates:
Small $10.00, Medium $13.00, Large $17.00, Ex Large $20.00
Depending on the physical size of your order and weight, rates vary and may require a box. Postage will be calculated at checkout. If you require Express Post, contact us prior to on-line ordering to ascertain cost.  service@outware.net.au

Please note:  We are a small manufacturing business that generally builds to order.  This is especially so with our custom lined products, as these are one-off creations. Our normal workflow is to make and ship within 1 – 2 weeks of order receipt. If you need it more quickly or by a certain deadline, please contact us prior to placing your on-line order to ascertain current delivery times at service@outware.net.au and we might be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat for you.

Having said all of that, some of our high volume products are often in stock and can be processed, packed and shipped within 1-2 business days of your order being received. Check with us if you are in a rush for your product. This will avoid disappointment and allow for a realistic delivery time.

In our normal production workflow, it is our goal to get your product to you as quickly as possible.

Note: Due to the current pandemic – shipping is slow across all postal sectors and this is beyond our control, please factor this into your expectations re delivery time.

Still got questions? Have a chat with us at service@outware.net.au

We have a simple warranty

Our goal and passion is to build products that last. This means that we don’t cut corners, use poor quality materials or design things to fail.

We are so confident in our ability to design and make a great product, that we offer you a Lifetime Guarantee, because we believe that prioritising durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less landfill. That means for the working life of your product, if it fails for a reason associated with our manufacturing – we will repair it or replace it. 

So what does that mean in reality? A couple of things – looked after, your Outware purchase should last you 20 to 30 years or more!  Some of our products will have an even greater lifespan and you might be handing them down to future generations.

Some of the materials we use, particularly in our linings are softer and more delicate. That is what makes them stylish and attractive but it also makes them more liable to wear and tear – so please be careful with sharp or damaging objects in any of our products, damage from this oversight is not a warrantable thing.

Having said that, all materials have a life cycle and will wear out and that is how it should be. At some point, your warranty won’t cover old age. However, send us a photo of that well loved bit of Outware kit before it goes to Gear Heaven and you will qualify for a discounted replacement.

In terms of misadventure with an Outware product – read that as you have done something really stupid that voids the warranty and it has failed or is mortally wounded. Send us a photo with a story of your derring-do and we’ll consider options for you. And if your story is a really good one – you might get a free replacement! Something like… I used my Outware (fill in product name here) as a beater to put out the flames of an encroaching wildfire and as a result I saved my property but alas my bit of Outware kit is now ash.

Still got questions? Have a chat with us at service@outware.net.au


Can my item be repaired?

Our goal is to repair everything we can, but each repair is different. Sometimes, well-worn products turn out to be straightforward repairs. Conversely, repairs on newer items that have seen a lot of damage can be extensive and deemed unrepairable. We do our best to check each Outware product with accuracy and consistency before making a determination.

To find out if your item is repairable, take some photos of the damage and send them with a description of what the problem is to: service@outware.net.au

If fixable, we will provide you with a quote. And through email or phone discussion, arrive at a suitable process and timeframe.  Once agreed, mail it to us at:

Outware PO Box 469 Cygnet, 7112 Tasmania. 

Some basic housekeeping:

  • Ensure your product is clean, hygienic and dry as our machines are very sensitive to dirt and grime. And so are our Sewers. Repair jobs that aren’t clean will be returned to you for cleaning.
  • Please package it sensibly to protect it in the post.
  • Be sure to keep a tracking number as we can’t be held responsible for what Australia Post does.
  • Advise Outware via email that you have posted it and the tracking details.

Self repair:

If you have a small hole or tear, a patch of Tenacious Tape is usually all you need. Tenacious Tape is a fix that lasts and does not affect the warranty or our ability to maybe repair it in the future. Interested in trying a self-repair? Check out the tape here:

Available from most outdoor stores Australia wide.

Some canvas care tips

To help maximise the durability and life of your canvas, please follow these instructions carefully – this will allow you to enjoy many years of excellent service and satisfaction from your Outware canvas product.

  • If you want to maximise the waterproofness of your product – then an initial wetting will help shrink the fabric and stitching. It is not necessary to do this for your product to work well – it is just an optimisation process. If you wish to do this, then prior to using your Outware canvas product we recommend that you thoroughly wet your canvas with a domestic hose and let it dry fully in the sun. 

  • Store, pack or rollup only when clean and dry.

  • To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with soft brush. (An occasional hosing may remove dust and some ingrained dirt – hang on the line to dry).

  • Never scrub the fabric.  It will remove some of the dye and create a visible spot. Dab with a clean, damp cloth to remove any marks.

  • Do not expose to petrol, oil or chemicals.

  • Immediately remove deposits of organic matter (such as soil, grass cuttings, leaf litter, bird droppings, vehicle exhaust, pollutants, etc).

  • Remove any mildew, as it appears, first by soft brushing, then by treating with diluted chlorine bleach (typically 1 part White King to 4 parts water to achieve 1% available chlorine). Allow to dry in full sun, then hose well to remove any residue. Adhere to the ratio, otherwise you may “bleach” the fabric.

  • Do not use strong bleaches such as ‘pool chlorine’.

  • Do not use soaps, detergents, solvents, or other liquid cleaners.

    Exposure to the elements and excessive cleaning may affect the water proofness and appearance of the canvas. Occasional rejuvenation of your canvas is recommended. Additional proofing may help re-invigorate the canvas. Only use one type of proofing agent on your canvas. Fluoro-chemicals like Scotch guard may be used on all fabrics. Only reproof® by defab® is recommended to be used on your canvas.

Q:  Can you design and build a custom product?

A:  Depending on the complexity, materials, machinery needed and type of construction required we may be able to design and build your custom project. Email us to discuss your needs. info@outware.net.au

Q:  In a feat of “extreme adventure” I’ve damaged my gear. Can you repair it?

A:  We try to repair all Outware products. Depending on the level of damage and the complexity of the “fix” it may not be possible or cost effective. Email us to discuss your repair problem. service@outware.net.au

Q:  Is my bag waterproof?

A:  At Outware our main fabrics are canvas of different weights and PVC. The canvas has a waterproof coating. This means that it repels water while the coating is intact. Over time, the canvas will need recoating to maintain its water repellency. The PVC is an impregnated fabric that is completely water resistant. It will remain so unless abraded or torn. Having said all of that – it is important to realise that unless all seams are electronically welded, then any product will let water in eventually – generally through zip lines or stitching. This will be the case with Outware products.  If it is important to have your kit completely dry – then we suggest using a dry bag, properly folded and secured inside your Outware bag.

Q:  Do you post overseas?

A:  Yes we do. Contact us via email prior to ordering online to ascertain the cost of freight. info@outware.net.au

Q:  I’ve paid, how long before you post it?

A:  If your product is in stock – it will be posted within 24 hrs. It is important to note – that most of our products are “artisan” and are made to order. Generally, we have a two week lead time to make and post. If you are in a rush or need it tomorrow – email or call us prior to ordering online to ascertain our current production schedule. We might be able to get it to your more quickly. service@outware.net.au

Q:  Will a Coronial Mass Expulsion crash the World Wide Web?

A:  If it is big enough – yes, all electronic communications around the world will fail. So, to avoid disappointment you had better get busy ordering online today.